Thursday, 12 September 2013

Carlos Ruiz Zafon | The Shadow of the Wind

Hi, hello, I'm Emily, and if blogs were animate, I'd be in prison for neglect.

Let me start by saying what everybody says about this: Shadow is a book for book lovers. Odd as that may sound, it features a book cemetery and delving into the history behind a book and an author.

The very first thing that hit me in the prologue was how similar this was to Northern Lights in that you must look after book you choose from the cemetery like a baby. Never lose it or leave it anywhere; make sure it's never forgotten and left unread and unloved again. You have a book daemon. Siduhgiobgdw08hf.

So there's a lot a mystery and greatness surrounding the burning of Julian Carax's books and who the mutilated face man was. Blah blah blah. Some may have seen the plot twist coming but I for one didn't and hugely enjoyed it.

Can I just add that this is the second Spanish book I've read and it has NOT let the side down.

I'm very sorry for this minute review - I'm tired, it's late and we've been back a week now since the summer holidays ended. Boo.

PS I might post my August round up soon because I read 9 books!
PPS It's my birthday soon so I'll have a nice juicy haul for y'all.

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