Sunday, 11 August 2013

Rick Yancey | The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey is the story of a select few survivors of an alien invasion. This alien invasion, however, does not involve giant mechanical spiders and laser beams to fry you like a chicken. In fact, the process of preparing for this invasion has been going on for years, and supposedly we were being watched by them way back when we were building the Pyramids. The story is told through 3 or 4 perspectives, with the main ones being Cassie and Zombie.

Cassie's managed to live through the 1st Wave, an Electro Magnetic Pulse that stops everything working; the 2nd Wave where tsunamis wipe out anything on a coastline; the 3rd Wave where birds carry a vicious and vile disease that wipes out 9 in 10; and the 4th wave where people dubbed Silencers make you question who is human, who isn't, and who you can trust. Cassie is on a mission to find her brother Sammy who was taken away to a 'safe' place. Cassie's Mum was nabbed by the disease and she's just seen her Dad shot with her very eyes. She killed a soldier purely because she was frightened and didn't know whether he was human or not and she's determined to get Sammy back, and also to return his bear. Along the way Cassie meets Evan, a guy her age who just happens to be good looking, happens to be her Silencer and happens to have a thing for her. In general, Cassie gets lucky with these highly unlikely circumstances and remains alive when she should be dead. Evan, having wounded her but unable to actually kill her takes her in and nurses her back to health, before eventually coming along for the ride and helping to retrieve Sammy. I felt that at times Cassie's POV was a bit slow-paced and unrealistic, and I was often wondering when her and Zombie's paths were going to cross, but I did like reading her point of view mostly.

Zombie, who Cassie had a crush on in High School, has also been taken to this 'safe' place where he was trained up as a soldier and eventually sent out to fight with his squad. However, while out fighting, they make an important and shocking discovery. Most of the plot twists seem to happen around this point and I think I preferred Zombie's perspective as it was a bit more interesting.

In my opinion, the storyline was quite good, but I think it sort of relied on the shocks and surprises stuffed in. I didn't think that it dragged on but the speed could've been increased. As for being compared to The Hunger Games, I think they are similar but Cassie just isn't quite as kick-ass as Katniss! Also, some things did get repeated quite a bit in different perspectives, to the point where I ended up a bit confused as to what the truth was. Anyway, I think I will read the next book when it comes out Summer 2014 and I rate this 3.5/5 stars.

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