Saturday, 3 August 2013

Louisa Jepson | Every Piece Of Me


Even when I was young I knew that I prefered fiction to non-fiction, and Every Piece Of Me by Louisa Jepson was no exception. Originally, I had been walking out of WHS when I glanced over to see Harry Styles smiling that nonchalant, self-assured smile and I knew I had no choice but to buy it. Louisa would have known that fans would feel obliged to buy a book on someone they loved and admired and I feel that she exploited this knowledge. I also think that it really took no skill to write this as anybody can research and write down facts, can't they?

As I read it, I could sense how she was making up fillers as she went along. She wrote down emotions and feelings that were obvious just to meat up the text, but I feel that when writing non-fiction, you can't start adding bits in you don't know to be true.

I must admit I was slightly bored reading this knowing most of the facts already (!) but I struggled through the long chapters and here I am! I rate this book 2.75/5 stars as although I love the subject I felt that her tone was distanced and slightly sneery, while adding fuel to the 'womanizer' fire and portraying Harry as the best part of One Direction. 

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